2022 Scholarships

Scholarships to deserving Stuy Students

The Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association awards around $100,000 annually in scholarships to Stuyvesant graduates as they go on to pursue opportunities in higher education. The funds come from our endowment, money raised by alumni, and gifts from friends of the School.

Please see below for the list of established scholarships awarded by the Alumni Association.

Upcoming Scholarships

Scholarships Selected by SHSAA's Scholarship Committee

Scholarships Selected by the School

The David J. Pichler Memorial Scholarship – $7,000

The George J. Weinstock Memorial Scholarship – $5,000

The Richard B. Geller Memorial Scholarship – $3,000

The Carmine Coppola Music Composition Award – $2,500

The Henrietta O. Midonick Award for Excellence in Mathematics – $1,000

The Rlene Howell Dahlberg Scholarship – $1,000

The Walter P. and Olivia Hendricks Memorial Scholarship – $1,000

The Ava Hecht Safety Pin Earring Award Recognizing Creativity and Generosity of Spirit – $500