Sam and Norbert Rothstein Memorial Scholarship

About This Scholarship

The scholarship was established by Andrew Rothstein ’68 to honor the memory of brothers Sam Rothstein and Norbert Rothstein, who came to the United States in 1938 as refugees. They were exceedingly kind, very intelligent, highly ethical and extremely hardworking. In short, to use the Yiddish term, they were truly mensches. This scholarship is designated for Stuyvesant students who were born abroad, have come to the United States as immigrants and have worked hard to succeed. The scholarship will be awarded as a single grant of $2,000 to a Stuyvesant High School senior who fulfills the following criteria.

Applicant Criteria

  1. Recipient must have been born overseas. Special consideration will be made for refugees to the US.
  2. Recipient must demonstrate financial need.
  3. Recipient must graduate in the top 50% of the class.

Please submit your application form via the website, and your addenda (see checklist), including essay question to [email protected].

This photo of Norbert and Sam Rothstein was taken in Vienna around 1932.