The Alumni Mentoring Program

Support Stuyvesant’s living legacy and dynamic student body

Founded by Stuyvesant alumna YanJie Hou ’06 in 2014 and powered by hundreds of alumni volunteers, the Stuyvesant Alumni Mentoring Program is a Stuyvesant Alumni Association-funded initiative that helps students:

  • Explore different professions and industries for their paths after college
  • Broaden their focus and interest outside of academics
  • Develop important social and professional skills for long-term success

Mentor sign-ups for the 2022-2023 Alumni Mentoring Program is now closed. If you’re interested in being a mentor for future years, please fill out this interest form. We will reach out to prospective mentors in December 2023 for the 2023-2024 Program Year.

NOTE: Current Stuyvesant students interested in being mentees in the Mentoring Program, please go here.


The Power of Alumni

Alumni volunteers will be matched with a current student by career interests and other factors. Mentor/mentee pairs will be grouped in a mentoring cohort that will explore a different topic (academics, extracurriculars, resume editing, interview prep, etc.) each week.

After two and a half years of remote programming, we are continuing in-person mentoring sessions for the 2023-24 Program year. From February – June of 2024, each alumni mentor will have five to six meetings with his/her mentees and Mentoring Cohort either at Stuyvesant or a meeting place in Manhattan.

Alumni who participate in the Mentoring Program will have the chance to:

  • Make a difference in the lives of current Stuyvesant students
  • Meet and collaborate with other Stuyvesant alumni throughout the course of a few meetings
  • Engage and enhance the Stuyvesant community in a structured setting


  • Be a college graduate
  • Commit to a maximum of six mentoring sessions

If you’re interested in being a mentor, please fill out this interest form. We will reach out about a mentor orientation that will provide more information on the program curriculum, time commitment, and other FAQs around December 2023 or January 2024.


Thank You

We would like to thank the 60 alumni mentors who have committed their time to helping out their Stuyvesant student mentees during the 2022-23 Program Year. And an even bigger round of applause to our team of 2022-23 Mentor Leaders who spend dozens of hours leading their cohorts and preparing for group discussions:

  • Bill Weiss ’80 – Program Director, Mentor Leader for Cohort #5
  • YanJie Hou ’06 – Program Director, Mentor Leader for Cohort #6 & Cohort #7
  • Deep Parikh ’06 – Mentor Leader for Cohort #2
  • Jennifer Schlesinger ’08 – Mentor Leader for Cohort #3
  • Sadman Islam ’09 – Mentor Leader for Cohort #1
  • Rachael Biscocho ’12 – Program Manager, Mentor Leader for Cohort #4
  • Jae Ahn ’14 – Mentor Leader for Cohort #8
  • Jason Lee ’15 – Mentor Leader for Cohort #9

And thank you to all the alumni who have donated to the Stuy Fund. This program would not be possible without your generosity and support.