Stuyvesant Alumni Mentoring Program

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Program Overview:

Founded by Stuy alumna YanJie Hou ’06 in 2014, the Stuyvesant Alumni Mentoring Program is a facilitated group-based mentoring program that connects Stuyvesant alumni with the current student body to facilitate individual growth for Stuyvesant students. Over the course of the program, accepted applicants will learn about careers in numerous fields, develop a lasting bond with Stuyvesant alumni, and gain essential skills for success.

The Alumni Mentoring Program wants to provide YOU with the information and insight you need to:

  • Market yourself as an unique individual with passions and ambition beyond the statistics of your high test scores and numerous AP classes
  • Gain perspective on the college admissions process from a number of alums who have conducted admission interviews with Stuyvesant students for top universities
  • Explore careers of different industries such as engineering, medicine, computer science, business, and law
  • Learn lifelong professional skills such as marketing yourself in a resume, preparing for interviews, and communicating with adults and other professionals

Most Stuyvesant students do not realize that colleges look beyond a certain high GPA/SAT score. In actuality, college admissions seek students with leadership potential, developed passions, and ambition. They want students who are primed for success – people that know what values are important in life and how to utilize the universities they are applying to further develop their potential.

Furthermore, success in the real world demands more than just pure intellect. Communication, public speaking, social and professional etiquette, and knowledge about different careers are just some of the many knowledge and skill set required in a professional work environment. The Stuyvesant Alumni Mentoring Program is intended to help you develop these key skills.

Program Structure (2021-22 Program Year)

Note: All cohort meetings for the 2021-22 School Year will be virtual. There’s a possibility that some of the workshops will be in person at Stuyvesant in the Spring. 

  • Most accepted students will be placed in a cohort with an assigned mentor where they will hopefully develop a meaningful relationship with a Stuy alumni over the course of six sessions (1.5 hours). Cohort sessions are usually scheduled either during a weeknight after 6PM or on Saturday morning or afternoon.
  • All accepted students will also attend five other workshops (Resume Editing, Essay Writing, Cracking the College Application, Resume Editing, and Life Skills) with the entire program class on various Saturday afternoons
  • At the end of the term, the Program will also host a series of industry panels in Finance, Medicine, Law, Engineering & Computer Science, Entrepreneurship & Management, and various other industries so that students can explore different industries and careers in more depth
  • Students will be placed in cohorts of 6 – 8 mentors. Each mentor will be assigned 1 – 2 mentees depending on shared interests and scheduling availability. Cohorts will be made up of a diverse group of interests so that students can gain insight into skills that are needed across different fields and those that are needed inside specific industries
  • Students can indicate their industry of interest during the application process. We will do our best to place you with a mentor who works in your industry of choice or who shares similar interests with you
  • Upon admission, each student will be matched up with a mentor who will work with them one-on-one (or two-on-one) on activities such as resume editing and interview-prep

We want this program to teach you skills that will last a lifetime. We want you to carry these values to achieve success in school and beyond.

If you are a Stuyvesant student interested in joining the Alumni Mentoring Program for this coming school year, please apply via the application link above. Make sure you submit your application by 11:59PM, Saturday December 4, 2021.

Questions? Contact Us!

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or reach out to any of the Student Leaders of the Mentoring Program below:

Student Leaders:
Riddhi Aggarwal ’22 – Co-President
Chris Dou ’22 – Co-President 
Ruiwen “Raven” Tang ’23 – Co-President
Alison Chan ’22
Samantha Hua ’23
Corey Kwan ’22
Ilona Lakusta ’22
Wilson Mach ’23
Kai Xuan Li ’24
Emily Lu ’23
Ellie Yu ’22