BIPOC @ Specialized Youth Summit

Supporting our Black and Latinx Students

BIPOC Youth Summit to assist students in navigating encountered bias at school.

The Stuyvesant HS Alumni Association was honored to sponsor and co-host Stuyvesant’s first BIPOC @ Specialized Youth Summit on Saturday, April 29, 2023. More than 60 families who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) from three of NYC’s specialized high schools (Stuyvesant High School, Brooklyn Technical High School, and The Bronx High School of Science) gathered together to enjoy a full day of workshops and presentations, where they gained the necessary skills and tools to improve their social, emotional and academic experiences. Workshops were led by Afro-Dominican yoga teacher Roque Rodriguez, bilingual speech and language pathologist Grace Frutos, Stuy and Bronx Science parent David Gelobter ’84, and Stuyvesant HS guidance counselor, Undine Guthrie. Special performances from Drumologist, Dr. Drum, and Jamaican born poet, writer, and Bard High School teacher, David Allen, enhanced the day’s events.

This wonderful event was sponsored by the Alumni Association and organized in collaboration with the School Administration, SHSAA Diversity & Outreach Committee led by Renee Stevens ’89, Stuy Parents’ Association, Stuy Mosaic parents group, Stuy Class of ’73 volunteers, Brooklyn Tech, and Bronx Science.

It was amazing to witness and participate in many productive conversations and to see new connections being made among our young people from the three schools represented. Our goal is to continue this event and expand participation to all of the specialized high schools next year. If you’re an alum that would like to be more involved, please connect with us at [email protected] today!


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The 2023 Program

The day gave space to our Black and Latinx students and families to share experiences being enrolled in our specialized schools. We provided a safe space where participants could hear the experiences from our current families as well as gain vital tools in managing being a BIPOC member within their specialized schools.

Separate workshops were available for both parents/guardians and students.

Workshops included issues such as:

  • Addressing inequalities and coming together to help in constructing a protective and proactive community which involve peers, parents, and allies.
  • Discussing model cases of individuals successfully navigating difficult terrain.
  • Name / Identify issues / Incidents / Categories of conduct
  • Tool & Strategies to manage each day and plan for the next
  • Mentorship
  • Counseling – Benefits of professional services
  • Meditations / Yoga
  • Resources


Our parent workshops were accessible in both English and Spanish.


Please support our Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

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