The Committees

The substance of the work of your Board of Directors is accomplished at the Committee level. Committees carry out tasks set forth by the Board, bring recommendations back to the Board, and report updates, suggestions, and news at each Board Meeting. The success of these committees is reliant on alumni volunteerism. We actively seek alumni participation and welcome contributions to our open committees. Committees meet with regularity.

Please see the schedule here for upcoming Committee meetings.


The Allocations Committee

Chair: Eleonora Srugo ’04

This committee appraises different requests for funding that come from departments, teams, clubs within the school allocating money from the General Fund. These requests may be regarding new equipment or books, travel expenses for field trips and competitions, additional faculty to support various student endeavors and interests, or any other cost that may not be covered by the Department of Education. The Allocations Committee works closely with the school administration, student leadership, and the Parents’ Association to grant money to the school.  The Scholarship Committee is a sub-committee of the Allocations Committee.

This committee is open to all alumni. Email us to get involved.

The Communications Committee

Chair: Edward Balaban ’69

This committee manages the organization’s publications, website content, and all other aspects of organizational communication. The committee drives decisions having to do with frequency of publication, website communications, and branding concepts.

This committee is open to all alumni. Email us to get involved.

The Development Committee

Chair: Ling Wu Kong ’01

This committee is tasked with designing and following through with major fundraising strategy, and with raising money for the Endowment Fund. This committee manages relationships with donors, and plans and coordinates fundraising drives and events.

This committee is open to all alumni. Email us to get involved.

The Diversity & Outreach Committee

Chair: Christina Alfonso ’01

This committee oversees programs to promote an economically and racially diverse student body. This committee manages outreach programs aimed at attracting a diverse group of prospective students, as well as programs designed to support minority students currently enrolled at Stuyvesant.

This committee is open to all alumni. Email us to get involved.

The Employment Committee

Chair: Lina Tetelbaum ’03

The Employment Committee is tasked with overseeing the organization’s staff and outlining roles, benchmarks, and standards for each individual staff position. The committee determines the function of each employee of the organization and is responsible for hiring appropriate personnel.

The Governance & Nominations Committee

Chair: Dan Egers ’03

This committee’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the Association conducts itself in a manner consistent with the best practices of not-for-profit corporations.  This includes monitoring the current performance of Directors and Association, maintaining accurate records, as well as exploring and implementing policies for continuous improvement. The committee is also responsible for vetting and recommending candidates to the Board of Directors.  Both current and aspirant Directors will be evaluated against the standards of character, volunteerism, and charitable giving set by the Board of Directors.  Ideally, the Board of the Association should also represent complementary skills, and a diversity of experiences & backgrounds.  Alumni Members are encouraged to bring candidates to the Committee by the end of the calendar year prior to the elections held during the Annual General Meeting. Lastly, the committee shall be responsible for periodically reviewing governance of the Association, such as the Bylaws, to ensure that it reflects current law and best practices.

The Membership Committee

Chair: Michael Hartig ’72

This committee manages the organization’s membership and develops frameworks for membership benefits and programs. This committee drives decisions regarding the protocols of membership, as well as instituting and expanding member perquisites.

This committee is open to all alumni. Email us to get involved.

The Reunions & Events Committee

Chair: Brett Lewis ’02

The Reunions and Events Committee is responsible for organizing and supporting alumni reunions and other fundraising events. This committee drives every aspect of event coordination, including outreach to attendees, decisions involving venues and dates, and event concepts and themes. These events include networking events, social outing events, and cultural events, as well as the annual Alumni Weekend reunion.

This committee is open to all alumni. Email us to get involved.