Alice on the Wall Restoration

Alice on the Wall Restoration

CITYarts, in collaboration with artist Natalia Zuckerman and approximately 100 students from Stuyvesant High School, originally painted Alice on the Wall in 2002 along with a handful of community volunteers. The mural runs along Chambers Street from the edge of Washington Market Park to the base of the Tribeca Bridge.

Artists returned to Alice on the Wall in 2012 after Superstorm Sandy, and again in 2018 to restore and re-envision areas of the already existing artwork. The mural has been a part of the community public space for twenty years, and CITYarts – now in collaboration with the Alumni Association – is again preparing a new restoration that will enhance the landscape around Stuy and introduce a new generation of students to foundational art skills through a collaborative project.

In 2023, students from Stuyvesant’s art club StuyCanvas, along with the South Asian Media and Entertainment Club, and artists from CITYarts will work together to restore Alice on the Wall.

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We’re hoping to contact some of the original Stuy participants, who are now alums, to collaborate with current students and sponsor the restoration of Alice on the Wall. To get involved, please contact [email protected].