The Eiger Family Scholarship

About This Scholarship

This scholarship is made possible by one of the Alumni Association’s most generous donors, Dr. Marvin Eiger ’47, and his wife, Carol. Dr. Eiger passed away in 2015.

Students may apply for:

The Eiger Family Award ($10,000 over four years given as $2,500 per year)

Applicant Criteria

  1. Applicants must demonstrate financial need as per the standards of the Scholarship Committee
  2. Applicants must demonstrate academic merit
  3. Applicants must demonstrate well roundedness re: extracurricular activities, interests, etc.
  4. The grant cannot be awarded to a student enrolled in a college that will use the award to offset financial aid awarded by the school.
  5. The student must maintain good academic standing throughout the first year of college to receive funds.

The student must complete the Eiger Scholarship Essay Questions.

Please submit your application form via the website, and your addenda (see checklist), including essay question to [email protected].