The Irwin Zahn Spirit of Innovation Prize

About This Scholarship

This scholarship was made possible by the Moxie Foundation and alumnus Irwin Zahn, Class of 1944. Zahn was a successful entrepreneur who believed strongly in the entrepreneurial spirit – not the various products that entrepreneurship might yield, but rather the personal characteristics that prompt individuals to action. It was his belief that the “spirit of innovation” is the most powerful tool in the world and those who exhibit this spirit will change the world.

The spirit of innovation is driven by endless possibilities, uncharted paths, new ideas and limitless creativity. It describes those who are passionate about solving a problem, persistent (perhaps relentless), and uninhibited by roadblocks, naysayers, limited resources or the fear of failure. They are determined to create a better way and they have the moxie to make things happen against all odds.

Applicant Criteria 

  1. The student must exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit described above, regardless of practical application and unrelated to any particular discipline.

Please submit your application form via the website, and your addenda (see checklist), including essay question to [email protected].