The Carol and Theodore Lerner Award for Creativity

**This award is for Juniors only.**

About this Scholarship

This award was created to encourage students to trust that creativity is valuable, and valued by the Stuyvesant faculty. It is given in the junior year. There are no boundaries on the arena in which prize-winning students have exercised their creativity; subjects may range across science, social science, humanities, arts, athletics or more. Selection should be made without regard to academic grades/grade point averages.

The award memorializes Theodore and Carol R. Lerner,  the parents of Jeffrey C. Lerner, who graduated Stuyvesant in 1967.  Ted Lerner, who died suddenly in 1966, was a food chemist and Carol Lerner was a public school teacher, who outlived him by 26 years. Their minds and lives were creative.

Applicant Criteria 

  1. Students must exhibit creativity as described above.
  2. Students must be a Junior.


Teachers can recommend juniors that they believe exhibit creativity as described above. For teachers, who wish to submit a nomination, they can send the name, OSIS, and email of the student they would like to recommend to [email protected] with the subject “Nomination for The Carol and Theodore Lerner Award for Creativity”. Please include a brief blurb as to why this student is being nominated.

NOTE: For this award, since it is for Juniors only, a FASFA Form is not necessary.

Please submit your application form via the website, and your addenda (see checklist), including essay question to [email protected].