Harold Diamond ’78

Hal, an accomplished stock & bond market analyst, was a Director with Standard & Poor’s Corporate Ratings for 25 years. He has recently founded two start-ups: Diamond Stone Capital and Teaching French Through Cinema. Hal received his MBA from NYU and his Bachelor’s in Finance and French from SUNY Albany.

Hal is the originator of the Stuyvesant H.S. Alumni Association Industry Events series, on which he works closely with the Alumni Association to coordinate. These events bring together alumni from all class years in finance, law, and medicine. He looks forward to expanding these events to journalism, entrepreneurship, technology, and arts. Furthermore, he has augmented the quality of the Alumni Association’s database and served as a mentor to Stuyvesant students since February 2017. Hal was part of the team that organized Reunions 2017 in May. Hal currently serves as the Chair of the Membership Committee.