SING! 2021 Campaign Perks

We’re thrilled to announce that this year’s virtual production of SING! will air at 7PM EST on Saturday, June 19. For 2021, the SING! Coordinators have decided to eliminate all member dues and ticket costs so that all Stuyvesant students can participate or watch SING! 2021 regardless of their financial circumstances. To fund SING’s production, the Alumni Association is partnering with the Student Union and SING! Coordinators to organize a crowdfunding campaign that will allow Stuyvesant alumni, parents, and supporters to take part in this year’s SING festivities.

Below, you can find the deadlines and latest updates on the status of different perk fulfillments for our SING! campaign. While we may not be able to fulfill your perks if you donate after June 19, please note that any donations to the SING! fund after that date will still go toward supporting the 2021 and future SING! productions.

For more information on SING! and this campaign, please visit the main SING! campaign page.

Design of the 2021 SING! hoodie

$10 Giving Tier

  • Support the campaign without any rewards just because you love SING! and want to see this tradition endure
  • No deadline

$20 Giving Tier 

  • Receive the livestream link for the performance on Saturday, June 19
  • Deadline: Please donate by 4PM EST, Saturday, June 19 to make sure we have enough time to process your gift and send you the livestream link and other relevant information before the 7PM EST airing.
  • Status: We’ve already sent out the livestream link to everyone who donated before June 18. If you have not received a link and believe you should have, please reach out to YanJie at [email protected]. For those who donate on June 18 and after, we will send out another email late on 6/18 and the last one an hour before the 7PM airing on 6/19 for any donations that come in before those emails are sent.

$100 Giving Tier (expired)

  • Receive a free SING! 2021 hoodie (pictured above) + livestream link
  • The deadline (Saturday, June 5) for the SING! 2021 hoodie has passed.
  • Status: Student Union has already placed the orders for all donors who have filled out our hoodie fulfillment forms by Sunday, June 6. Arrival of your hoodie is expected within 3 – 4 weeks (late June/early July).

$250 Giving Tier

  • Receive a personalized thank-you letter from the SING! Coordinators + SING! 2021 hoodie + livestream link
  • Deadline: Please donate by Saturday, June 5 for your free hoodie. Please donate by 4PM EST, Saturday, June 19 for your livestream link. Our campaign will still be ongoing even after the 2021 SING! air date so the Coordinators will be writing and sending out their thank-you letter until late June.
  • Status: We will be sending out your personalized letter at the end of June.

$500 Giving Tier

  • Invitation to exclusive Q&A panel with the SING! Coordinators + personalized letter + SING! 2021 hoodie + livestream link
  • In this intimate panel with the SING! Coordinators of all three competing classes, the Coordinators would love to share an inside look into how SING! was produced this year. This includes their preparations for the SING! season, the challenges they faced, and their overall experiences in retrospect. The attendees are also welcome to ask the Coordinators any other questions they may have.
  • Deadline: Please donate by Saturday, June 5 for your free hoodie. Please donate by 4PM EST, Saturday, June 19 for your livestream link, personalized letter, and invitation to the panel.
  • Status: The panel will occur after the SING! livestream on either Monday (6/21) or Tuesday (6/22) evening. The final time, based on donor availability, will be confirmed by Sunday, June 20th.

$1,000 Giving Tier (expired)

  • Get your name & Stuy graduating year printed in the credits (you will be forever immortalized as a part of the SING! 2021 production!) + Q&A panel + personalized letter + SING! 2021 hoodie + livestream link
  • The deadline (Saturday, June 5) for your name in credit has passed as production is already working on the credits.

If you have any questions that are not answered by this page or the SING! campaign page regarding your campaign perks or the campaign itself, please reach out to YanJie who is overseeing the campaign on the SHSAA side at [email protected].

Any leftover funds not used by SING! 2021 will go towards supporting future SING! productions. Help us continue one of Stuyvesant’s most beloved traditions and make SING! 2021 a huge success!

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