Reunions Policy


The Association acknowledges that the primary purpose of Reunions is for graduates from a specific class to reconnect with their fellow classmates. Consistent with our own Mission, the Association will also seek to give Stuyvesant graduates the opportunity to reengage with the school, beloved teachers, current students, and fellow alumni from all classes. Alumni should be able to focus on activities with their classmates while strengthening their shared heritage and bonds with the greater Stuyvesant community.

I. General Programming

The Alumni Association will host and sponsor an All-Class Reunion each year (the “Reunion”) – preferably in the fall.

The date will be selected with the careful consultation of Class Marshals to maximize class participation. The Event is focused around the classes experiencing their Reunion in 5-year increments, however, all alumni are invited to attend.

Examples of General Programming to take place at Stuyvesant:

  • Student performances and demonstrations (SING, Speech & Debate, Robotics, etc.)
  • Student vs. alumni tournaments (chess, ultimate, basketball, etc.)
  • Tours of the new school (345 Chambers Street) and the old school (345 East 15th Street)
  • Access to merchandise from the School Store
  • Meet & greet with the Principal and faculty
  • Light refreshments throughout the day

II. Class Specific Program

In addition to General Programming, the SHSAA will help organize and sponsor a Class-Specific Program component of the Reunion hosted by individual classes. The Association will collaborate with Class Marshals to create an event that allows classmates to spend quality time with each other.

1. Guidelines:

(a) The Class-Specific Program will fall within two weeks of the date of the All-Class Reunion.

(b) For those classes that have not already done so, we ask that each selects Class Marshal(s) at least 6 months prior to the event date, and those Marshals (or their delegate) participate in the SHSAA Reunion Planning Committee throughout that year. The role of Class Marshal is to act as ambassadors of the School and Alumni Association and encourage engagement. Their contact information will be available on the SHSAA website and in printed media so that classmates can easily connect with them.

(c) Class Marshals shall be responsible for organizing a planning committee for their Class-Specific Program. The committee will contribute creative ideas, help with class marketing, and offer input on scheduling & pricing.

(d) We ask that Class Marshals take leadership in promoting both the General Program and the Class-Specific Program of the Reunions to their class and publicly encourage attendance. Class Marshals shall be responsible for communicating directly with classmates (e.g. personalized emails, phone calls, social media messages) to ensure full class awareness of the event.

(e) SHSAA shall help bear responsibility for the financials expenses and logistics of the Class-Specific Program.

2. Examples of Class-Specific Program include but are not limited to:

  • Casual Happy Hour with drinks and a comfortable place to socialize;
  • A seated brunch or dinner with your classmates;
  • A more formal reception or an evening at a club; or
  • A party with an open bar at an event space.

3. SHSAA Role in the Class Specific Program:

(a) Provide registration, ticketing, and payment processing for one or more class-specific activities, with cooperation and pricing set in collaboration with the Class Marshals.

(b) Advertise the event across all SHSAA-owned platforms (website, Facebook/social media, emails, and print mailings).

(c) Provide day-of logistical and administrative support by SHSAA staff, Board Members, and student volunteers. This includes (but is not limited to) staffing to support with check-in and merchandise sales.

(d) Provide the financial backstop. SHSAA plans to establish Class Reunion Accounts which the Association will help seed (amounts will be determined in collaboration with the Reunions Committee to ensure that resources are allocated fairly). These accounts will be used by the Association to help each Class fund their Class-Specific Program. Once the expenses of the current event are met, proceeds from any Class Event will go to replenish their respective Restricted Reunion Account.

(e) Provide a selection of food, entertainment, and memorabilia options from which the Class planning committees can choose.

4. If there are no identified Class Marshals involved in the SHSAA Reunions Committee:

(a) SHSAA will make best efforts to provide Class-Specific sections for returning classmates to gather together during the Reunion event.

5. If a Class decides to organize their own Independent Event or Class-Specific Program outside the Reunion framework described above:

(a) The Association will share its mailing list with Organizers of an Independent Event. Organizers must agree to abide by the Association’s Honor Agreement (attached in Exhibit A). We expect that Organizers will use the mailing list solely for the purposes of said Independent Event and not in any manner that would bring harm to the Association. Furthermore, Organizers will agree that they would keep this information confidential and not disclose to any Third Party.

(b) The Association will publicize the Class Independent Event on its website, social media, and printed media. Those Organizers are encouraged to send detailed Event information (including the purpose, date, location, list of invitees, and the ticket price of the event) via email to [email protected]. SHSAA will make best efforts to publicize all Alumni Activities but reserves the right not to engage in Events that are inconsistent with the mission of the Association, or would otherwise bring the Association or the School harm.

(c) Classes and Organizers are responsible for all aspects of their Independent Event. Association funds will not be provided, and compliant with Federal law, the Association will not be able to provide its Tax Exempt status with the Independent Event.


[Policy updated as of December 1, 2022.]