StuyAlumni Improving SHSAT Preparation

Most improved test scores

As the SHSAT approaches, we wanted to show everyone the current results of how the StuyPrep program is helping underrepresented students achieve. Look at how much these students have improved on SHSAT practice tests thanks to StuyPrep!

Above are the StuyPrep test scores from Test 1 (taken on Aug 27) and Test 2 (taken on Oct 1). As you can see, the students overall have made a 6-point improvement! The students featured in the graph are the most improved of the 31 students taking StuyPrep. According to the Kaplan scale, a score of 85 is equivalent to the Stuyvesant cutoff score on the SHSAT. Dorien is close to the approximate score to get into Stuyvesant at 83 points. With a little more work, he is well on his way to joining the Stuyvesant community in the fall of 2017. Zoeisha doubled her score!

There are many more students showing great improvement and there are quite a few students who will qualify for a specialized high school if they perform as well as they have on the actual test day.

The students from I.S. 392 will be taking the SHSAT on October 22 and 23. Nearly 27,000 students took the SHSAT in 2015 with only 5,106 being offered a seat at a specialized high school. This year is sure to be the same! Fingers crossed for these kids.

If you want to learn more about what the StuyPrep program is, check out this article. If you want to learn more about the students and mentors involved in the program, click here. You can help support the StuyPrep program by donating today!