StuyPrep pushes the Diversity envelope

Having a great attitude is half the battle...

On the hot Saturday morning July 23, 2016, almost 30 8th graders departed from I.S. 392 to travel on a yellow school bus to Stuyvesant High School.   This was the first of 13 Saturday mornings that these students committed to attending the school for four hours for summer instruction.  This was not at the bequest of the Department of Education – this was voluntary.  These students opted into the StuyPrep program driven by the Alumni Association under the guidance and support of Kent Kim ’05 and Director Christina Alfonso ’01, who also serves as the Chair of our Diversity Committee.

Some guided instruction from Princeton Review, coupled with our very own Stuyvesant students and alumni helping to tutor them through the workbooks has made for a very productive summer.  The students have taken practice exams and have heard from various StuyAlumni, speaking about their individual experiences at Stuyvesant and personal perspective on why Stuyvesant should be the school to aim for.

These students will be taking the SHSAT exam on October 22, 23 and 30th.  The exam is offered on three different days because of sheer volume – almost 27,000 students took the exam in 2015 with 950 acceptances at Stuyvesant, the statistics making it more competitive than some Ivy League colleges.

We are so proud of this program.  Moving forward, we would like to sponsor student engagement at the 7th grade level starting in March of their 7th grade term.  Please consider supporting StuyPrep, today!