Lifetime Membership Gifts

For a limited time until supplies last as part of our Lifetime Membership Opportunity, we are sending all current and newly joined Lifetime Members of the SHSAA a limited edition Stuyvesant boat tote bag, a reusable Stuyvesant cloth mask, and the centennial book, Stuyvesant High School: The First Hundred Years! Alumni with Double Lifetime Memberships will also receive an additional umbrella and a hooded sweatshirt.

Status of Lifetime Gift Fulfillment

We have completed our first batch of gift fulfillments for alumni who became Lifetime Members by early January 2021. If you became a Lifetime Member before June 2022 and have not yet heard from us regarding your gifts, please reach out to us at [email protected]. For those who became Lifetime Members after June 2022, we thank you for your patience as you await for your gifts. Due to a lot of seasonal activities that come with the end of the school year, we will begin our next batch of gift fulfillment in the coming weeks.

Gifts for Lifetime Members

Gifts for Double Lifetime Members