Giving to the Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund will serve as a Capital Corpus for the school for generations to come.

Why does Stuyvesant need an Endowment?

Public funding for Stuyvesant does not cover much of what is needed for advanced classwork and extracurricular activities. It is our aspiration that an endowment will fill in the gaps and help us keep pace with our peers.  Our sister schools and many other public New York City high schools already have sizable endowments, and we need to keep pace to stay at the pinnacle of public education and give our exceptional students the same opportunities accorded to their peers.

There are strict limits on spending from the Endowment so that the corpus remains intact.  In order to accumulate a meaningful level of interest that can be contributed to the school, the Endowment needs to reach a critical mass.  Once we meet our initial Matching Gift Campaign (and we’re close!), we will be starting out strong with over $1M.

Our graduates–from Nobel laureates to the leaders of every imaginable profession:  medicine, law, business, the arts, academia and on and on — almost universally recognize and appreciate that Stuyvesant was the bedrock of their success, setting the path toward achievement and excellence.  They want to give back, and that is why we have such a remarkable opportunity before us.  And, of course, you can help!

Endowments are designed to exist for the benefit of the school, its students, and alumni in perpetuity. Help us to ensure that Stuyvesant’s legacy is eternal, and that graduates emerge equipped with the tools they need to change the world.`