Why Stuyvesant Students Love Robotics

Stuyvesant students are well known for their competitiveness and their drive to excel, whether in the classroom or in the many clubs they form and join. Robotics, to a unique degree, demands that our students collaborate in pursuit of a shared passion.

In Robotics, students bring the bits and bytes of Programming together with the nuts and bolts of Manufacturing. They learn to imagine a common vision of what, together, they can design and fashion. They also learn that without collaboration, they will end up with a fabricated bucket of bolts that won’t do anyone any good.

Robotics is fun. Our students are impassioned and excited about what they do when they work together. They learn to challenge one another and argue in a productive manner. And, most importantly, they learn from trial and error.

Robotics also enables our students to become ambassadors for STEM, most immediately in our New York neighborhoods, where they share what they have built with other young people, perhaps kindling a spark of love for Math and Science in kids who are just learning what they might be able to dream for themselves.

Members of StuyPulse collaborating together

“In our daily lives, robotics can help us get through challenges that are too difficult or tedious for us to do on our own. We can design creative solutions to our problems and then continue to iterate and make changes until we are satisfied. That process of problem-solving and iteration is one of my favorite parts of robotics, especially within mechanical engineering... The job is never truly done with robotics, and I think that gives us an amazing opportunity to keep striving for better.”

- Natalie Soler ’23 (StuyPulse member)

“From long build season days to competitions, my favorite part of robotics is the community. I came from a middle school where not many people ended up coming to Stuy. I ended up really liking robotics and came whenever I could which amounted to almost every meeting we had and multiple competitions. The people I worked with became my second family, and the lab a second home.”

- Rita (Rain) Shao ’25 (StuyPulse member)

“There are two reasons I love robotics. Making a machine from scratch and then competing against teams from across the world is so difficult and so thrilling. The second is the familial aspect of it. I spend several hours every day with my teammates so we get really close and create bonds that are really hard to build elsewhere.”

- Max Schneider ’23 (StuyFission member)

The students work together to operate the robot for this year’s competition

Help us support Robotics!

Even though the largest expenses for the Lin Brothers Robotics Lab’s renovation and equipments have already been paid, Stuy’s Robotics teams still have many funding needs for a lot of their competitions. Many students on the team cannot afford to pay for the travel costs of away competitions. Donate and help sponsor a student for his/her next Robotics Tournament!