The 2015-2016 Giving Report

How have your donations helped the school?

This year, through May 2016, we have given over $330K in support of the school, departments, extracurricular and in continuing to build the Endowment.   See below for how we support the school!


  • May ’16: Paid for a Silver Sponsorship of the StuyHacks Hackathon, which helped to cover the costs of food, t-shirts, and judges, $500
  • Apr ’16: Enabled 45 members of the Computer Club to attend competitions, $1,387
  • Apr ’16: Paid Speech & Debate coaches and judges, and sent students to compete in the following tournaments: Columbia, Harvard, GMU and Syosset, $6,152 
  • Apr ’16: Helped to pay for publishing of STAR Club’s magazine, $500 
  • Mar ’16: Contributed for airfare & hotel for 11 Chess Team students that qualified for Finals, $3,580 
  • Mar ’16: Provided coaches for the Football team of 120 students for the 2015 season, $8,500
  • Feb ’16: Gave SING! over $25,000 through an alumni-sponsored challenge.
  • Feb ’16: Sponsored over 100 students in Speech & Debate to attend competitions, which they won at Harvard and Emory Universities, $23,600
  • Feb ’16: Sent the Junior Statesmen of America to Virginia for a competition for almost 30 students, $2,088
  • Mar ’16: Contributed for airfare & hotel for 11 Chess Team students that qualified for Finals, $3,580
  • Mar ’16: Provided coaches for the Football team of 120 students for the 2015 season, $8,500
  • Sent the Speech & Debate team to competitions at Yale, Bronx Science and Scranton and paid for team coaches and judges, over 100 students impacted, $8,800
  • Jan ’16: Provided tournament fees and transportation for the Chess team to bring 11 students to Nationals in Orlando, Florida, $6,200.   Students qualified for the March Tournament (see above).
  • Sep ’15: We sponsored over 30 Peglegs to attend summer Football Camp at Camp Scatico, $12,000
  • Aug ’15: We gave $12,750 to send 12 students from the Robotics Team to an international competition in China.


  • Apr & May ’16: Covered costs of NYC History class trips & tours, $1,034
  • Apr ’16: Contributed for 6 lasers and coordinating equipment for the Physics Department, would benefit more than 200 students, $6,935
  • Apr ’16: Covered transportation, hotel stay, and registration fees for 24 students to participate in History Day, $4,448
  • Apr ’16: Intensive lab instruction at Harlem DNA center for 102 students, $5,200 
  • Jan ’16: Supported 15 students through specialized program developed by Guidance Department who have undergone severe traumatic incidents while in attendance at Stuyvesant, $5,000 
  • Dec ’15: We steam-cleaned the library, providing an allergen-free environment for all of our students and faculty, $1,170  
  • Dec ’15: We sponsored the Stuyvesant Chorus to perform at Carnegie Hall, approximately 120 students, $6,000 
  • Nov ’15: We paid for the 2014-2015 Student Planners, which are day planners with full guidebooks providing faculty contact information, periodic tables, and other critical student resources for the entire student body, benefitting 3,500 students, $7,000

Scholarships and Grants

  • Sep ’15: We paid college application fees for 30 students who could not afford them, $5,000
  • Aug ’15: We sent 20 deserving students from underrepresented neighborhoods to Kaplan for test preparation for the SHSAT, $5,300


  • In this period, alumni gave $78,960 in donations and stock transfers, which was set aside for the Endowment.

Please note: This list does not include all money that the Alumni Association has given to the school in support of their programs, just highlights.