Principal Yu’s Letter to Alumni

Stuyvesant Principal Seung Yu

Dear Alumni Community,

It is often noted one’s true character is revealed when faced with adversity. During my first four months, I have been in complete awe of the character of our community of students, staff, families, and alumni. The Stuyvesant community has remained steadfast in its dedication to excellence, but more importantly, it has stayed committed to supporting one another during these difficult times. And the Alumni Association has exemplified the “pay it forward” mantra better than anyone.

The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply impacted our community and forced us to reimagine “school” as one much different than what we have been accustomed to at Stuyvesant. Rather than dwell on what our school year would not be, our community focused on what it could be—one that retains the spirit of our resolve and embodies our collectiveness.

This school year we prioritized remote learning, so that our students, particularly our Classes of 2021 and 2022, would have access to electives and Advanced Placement classes that lend to our rigorous curriculum and position our students to vie for the most competitive colleges. Moreover, our approach guaranteed our students would be taught by Stuyvesant faculty and their learning would be uninterrupted by the teacher shortage that other high schools faced this year.

However, our instructional approach relied significantly on our community to mobilize and secure the necessary resources for the school. Through the generous support of our Alumni Association and Parents Association, we have been able to acquire the resources necessary for remote learning to succeed for ALL students. Our students-in-need have received laptops or Chromebooks, webcams, and other technological equipment required to make their remote learning experience equitable to those who are in a more fortunate position financially. All of our students are positioned to achieve because of the dedication that our alumni and families continue to demonstrate year after year.

Equally important to the financial support our alumni provide is the time, energy, and attention of the members who participate in the Mentoring Program. The connection between our students and alumni, who have been willing to share their stories and open up opportunities for our young people, have been even more important this year. Connections and relationship building with caring adults has been so critical for many of our students as they navigate the uncertainty of this school year. So, thank you for your continued “pay it forward” actions that allow for Stuyvesant to excel now and in the future.

I look forward to when we’ll be able to gather in our school building again to witness the creativity, innovation, and character of our students, who continue to make all of us proud. The substance and character of the Stuyvesant community continues to remain the foundation of our success, and it has been so apparent as we work in partnership during this challenging time. Thank you for your continued generosity in bringing out the best of our entire community.

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