First Virtual Industry Event and NEW Video Archive

COVID Panel Recap

On Tuesday, May 15, 2020, we kicked off our virtual event series with our first virtual industry panel. The discussion focused on what the world may look like after COVID-19. Because of the digital environment, alumni were able to join in from all over the country. The panelists themselves were not all in New York City! These new virtual events are bringing together alumni in a way that we previously had not been able to do.

The panelists were:

You can read more about their backgrounds here. Many thanks to Director Hal Diamond ’78 on bringing this group together.

During the discussion, the panelists shared their unique perspectives of this unusual time, from Kamiu launching her own business remotely to David working with clinical trials and drug development virtually. Roy invests in early startups so he has seen more delays in launching, and has gotten a close look at how people with varying lengths of work experience have dealt with this situation and are managing their businesses. Lisa and David both described how they have seen an increased use in telehealth. Robert works in the financial industry and the transition to work from home has been more difficult than other industries as their client relationships and day-to-day operations relied largely on more in-person contact. Other topics covered included whether COVID-19 would become a recurring healthcare issue similar to the flu and how COVID is going to affect the finances of healthcare, especially rural hospitals.

We did end on a high note with each panelist describing their favorite Stuyvesant memory and naming at least one positive thing that has come out of this whole experience having to stay at home for weeks. To hear what everyone had to say, check out our announcement below!

At the end of the panel discussion, participants had the opportunity to attend a more intimate discussion with the panelist of their choice in a Zoom breakout room. This was an exclusive networking opportunity for those who attended this event.

New Video Archive Available

We wanted to take this opportunity to announce one of our newest features for dues-paying members: a video archive!

Because we are planning more virtual events, we wanted to ensure that our members have access to these stimulating discussions. Starting with the May COVID panel, we will be recording the virtual events and making them available to all our dues-paying and lifetime members afterward.

Please note, the Zoom breakout room discussions will only be available to event attendees, and videos will be uploaded a couple of weeks after the event. To continue connecting with your fellow alumni and to ensure a more enriching experience, we highly recommend attending the events live.

Access the Archive

You MUST sign into MyStuy to access the video archive. Only dues-paying members will be able to view the videos.

Check out the May COVID Panel!

Video Archive

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