SHSAA Awards $126,750 in Scholarships to Students in 2023

The 2023 Scholarship Award winners

The Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association is pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 Scholarships. This year, 47 scholarships totaling $126,750, were awarded.

We have included the thank-you letters of a few of the scholarship recipients which detail their dreams and aspirations as well as how much these scholarships mean to them.

To help us support Stuyvesant’s brilliant students in their high school career and beyond, please consider donating to the Stuy Fund¬†today!

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The Dr. Howard Wexler Scholarship

  • Zifei Zhao
  • Anthony Sun

The Sylvia Elkin and Mildred Kwatinetz Scholarship

  • Zifei Zhao

The Eiger Family Scholarship

  • Ann Li

The David J. Pichler Memorial Scholarship

  • Tasnim Chowdhury

The Marjorie Tallman Scholarship

  • YongQi Lin

The George J. Weinstock Memorial Scholarship

  • Kentaro Fukui

The Dr. John Nikol Award for Excellence in Social Studies

  • Jeffrey Mui

The Hanna Schweizer Hechinger Memorial Scholarship

  • Felix Harkness

The Richard B. Geller Memorial Scholarship

  • Julia Kozak
  • Josiah Moltz

The Gary Roebuck '62 Memorial Scholarship

  • Natalie Soler

The Sol Tanne 1941 Fund Grant

  • Alisha Zaman

The Marc Connolly 1992 Memorial Scholarship

  • Angier Lei

The Sam and Norbert Rothstein Memorial Scholarship

  • Zawad Dewan

The Professor Bill Michaelis 1964 Alumni Scholarship

  • Angier Lei

The Joel R. Weisberg Scholarship

  • Jake Barbaresso

The Murray Kahn Award

  • Nada Hameed

The Carmine Coppola Music Composition Award

  • Zoe Buff
  • Isaac Lageschulte

The Dr. Paul Kalish Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Potential in the Medical Arts

  • Judy Chen
  • Ilana Livshits

The Conor M. Moran 2003 Memorial Scholarship

  • Ruby Lin

The Jay Levinson 1965 Memorial Scholarship

  • Samuel Chen
  • Prattay Dey

The Adolph Surtshin 1932 Memorial Scholarship

  • Allison Lee

The Irwin Zahn Spirit of Innovation Prize

  • Paul Serbanescu

The Abigail Scheck Class of 1972 Memorial Endowed Scholarship

  • Sharon Liu

The Rlene Howell Dahlberg Award for Excellence in Humanities and Arts

  • Lea Esipov
  • Zoe Buff
  • Anna Kathawala
  • Maya Nelson
  • Eugenia Ochoa
  • Lianne Ohayon
  • Hannah Riegel
  • Wyatt Smith
  • Andrey Sokolov
  • Emily Young-Squire

The Walter P. and Olivia Hendricks Memorial Scholarship

  • Yuxiang Huang
  • Brisa Lin
  • Erica Lung
  • Gitae Park
  • Jessie Zhou

The Henrietta O. Midonick Award for Excellence in Mathematics

  • Kathleen Zhang

The Carol and Theodore Lerner Award for Creativity

  • Ethan Chan

The Neil and Barbara Holbert Prize

  • Phoebe Zheng

The Ava Hecht Safety Pin Earring Award Recognizing Creativity and Generosity of Spirit

  • Lea Esipov