SHSAA Awards Over $111,000 in Scholarships to Students

The Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Scholarships. This year, 50 scholarships, totaling $111,050, were awarded.

If you want to support students in their studies beyond Stuyvesant, consider donating to a scholarship today!

A few of the 2021 Scholarship Award winners

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The Dr. Howard Wexler Scholarship

  • MD Hoque
  • Christine Cabusay

The Eiger Family Scholarship

  • Mim Parvin

The David J. Pichler Memorial Scholarship

  • Carter Ley

The Marjorie Tallman Scholarship

  • Seo Young (Ella) Shin
  • Lucy Hu

The George J. Weinstock Memorial Scholarship

  • Maria-Sarai Pridgen

The Richard B. Geller Memorial Scholarship

  • Ethan Joo
  • Madelyn Mao

The Hanna Schweizer Hechinger Memorial Scholarship

  • Pamela Yang

The Sol Tanne 1941 Fund Grant

  • Becky Mai

The Carmine Coppola Music Composition Award

  • Alisha Heng

The Daniel Bergstein 1980 Memorial Scholarship

  • Claire De la Roche
  • Emily Gillies


  • Subyeta Chowdhury
  • Saruar Fahim
  • Mahirah Khan
  • Fahima Miajee
  • Marco Rojas-Cessa
  • Arpita Saha
  • Stone Su
  • Lily Vaysman
  • Yulin Zheng

The Sam and Norbert Rothstein Memorial Scholarship

  • Prachee Sarkar

The Marc Connolly 1992 Memorial Scholarship

  • Misaal Tabasum

The Professor Bill Michaelis 1964 Alumni Scholarship

  • Meril Mousoom

The Joel T. Weisberg Scholarship

  • Kelly Zhou

The Murray Kahn Award

  • Samia Islam

The Dr. Paul Kalish Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Potential in the Medical Arts

  • Ethan Lin

The Conor M. Moran 2003 Memorial Scholarship

  • Zawad Imrose

The Adolph Surtshin 1932 Memorial Scholarship

  • Arpita Saha

The Irwin Zahn Spirit of Innovation Prize

  • Dean Carey

The Rlene Howell Dahlberg Scholarship

  • Luca Bielski
  • Grace Cantarella
  • Yasmine Chokrane
  • Lamia Haque
  • Michael Hu
  • Jonathan Schneiderman
  • Claire Shin
  • Jiahe Wang
  • Clara Yuste Golub

The Walter P. and Olivia Hendricks Memorial Scholarship

  • Yousef Amin
  • Andy Chen
  • James Chen
  • Christine Yan
  • Daniel Ye

The Henrietta O. Midonick Award for Excellence in Mathematics

  • Anna Zhang

The Neil and Barbara Holbert Prize

  • Zawad Imrose

The Ava Hecht Safety Pin Earring Award Recognizing Creativity and Generosity of Spirit

  • Jiahe Wang

The Carol and Theodore Lerner Award for Creativity

  • Rachel Lin