2020 Scholarship Committee awards over $103,000 to students

The Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Scholarships. All of the scholarship final interviews were conducted virtually over Zoom. This year, 42 scholarships, totaling more than $103,000, were awarded.

If you want to support students in their studies beyond Stuyvesant, consider donating to a scholarship today!

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The Eiger Family Scholarship

  • Bryan Monge Serrano

The Dr. Howard Wexler Scholarship

  • Albina Anayan
  • Vishwaa Sofat

The Marjorie Tallman Scholarship

  • Jeffrey Chen
  • Shirley Yang

The Hanna Schweizer Hechinger Memorial Scholarship

  • Jing Su

The Sol Tanne 1941 Fund Grant

  • Sherry Chen

The Marc Connolly 1992 Memorial Scholarship

  • Debasree Saha

The Daniel Bergstein 1980 Memorial Scholarship

  • Ying Zi (Jessy) Mei
  • Li Bing Appel
  • Artem Ilyanok
  • Lydia Lee
  • Eren Ucar

The Joel T. Weisberg Scholarship

  • George Zhou

The Professor Bill Michaelis 1964 Alumni Scholarship

  • Eve Wening Hausman

The Murray Kahn Award

  • Hana Kim

The Dr. Paul Kalish Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Potential in the Medical Arts

  • Michael Kozlov
  • Ying Zi (Jessy) Mei

The Conor M. Moran 2003 Memorial Scholarship

  • Tina Chen

The Adolph Surtshin 1932 Memorial Scholarship

  • Leilei Hao

The Irwin Zahn Spirit of Innovation Prize

  • Vincent Huang

The Henrietta O. Midonick Award for Excellence in Mathematics

  • Melbourne Tang

The Sam and Norbert Rothstein Memorial Scholarship

  • Wentao Lin

The Neil and Barbara Holbert Prize

  • Samuel Tan

The Ava Hecht Safety Pin Earring Award Recognizing Creativity and Generosity of Spirit

  • Theo Haegele

The David J. Pichler Memorial Scholarship

  • Eve Wening Hausman

The George J. Weinstock Memorial Scholarship

  • Khandaker Ridwan

The Richard B. Geller Memorial Scholarship

  • Akash Das
  • Nancy Kuang

The Rlene Howell Dahlberg Scholarship

  • Zeynep Bromberg
  • Angelique Charles-Davis
  • Lena Farley
  • Baird Johnson
  • Yu Fan Tung
  • Matylda Urbaniak
  • Victoria Wong

The Walter P. and Olivia Hendricks Memorial Scholarship

  • Benjamin Avrahami
  • Leon Maksin
  • Aaron Wang
  • Matylda Urbaniak
  • Xiaoqi Zhao

The Carol and Theodore Lerner Award for Creativity

  • Brian Zhang